Ectaco Inc. announces new updates and added features for the remarkable 2-way, hands-free iTRAVL translation device just in time for Back to School.


(PRWEB) August 27, 2007 - NY based Ectaco Inc. didn’t become the world’s most important supplier of handheld translation technology by accident. But rather through a winning combination of hard work, one the best teams of linguists and programmers ever assembled, and an unwavering commitment to customer care. The company’s latest updates and added features for the iTRAVL, the world’s most important new tool for instant foreign language communication, proves once again just how far beyond the competition Ectaco are willing to go when it comes to getting it right.

Now featuring dozens of new languages that include Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Czech, French English, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Spanish and a new Translation Memory that translates any phrase, attaches an audio file and stores it with a voice tag for future use, devices from the company’s iTRAVL range are now more useful than ever. Combining state-of-the art speech recognition that can understand what is said to it in the world’s most popular languages and authentic human voice output of thousands of phrases, this remarkable talking phrasebook contains a complete array of travel utilities that includes destination information for the world’s most popular places from famous names like the CIA. A true travel and language learning assistant that keeps pace with its users, the iTRAVL has been making headlines and winning awards ever since it appeared earlier this year.

“What sets Ectaco and our iTRAVL devices apart”, said Ectaco CEO David Lubinitsky, “is that making the best even better has always been our guiding principal. And while its hard to improve on perfection, we have found some new ways to make the experience of using the iTRAVL just that much more magical.”


Along with the new languages and Translation Memory, other noteworthy updates include an added external microphone detection feature, expanded Machine Translation, and new text-to-speech functionality in the device’s iHELP system that gets anyone emergency assistance in a flash by speaking a set of voice-activated phrases.


About the interactive iTRAVL Language Teacher system that puts the intelligence of the device’s powerful components into making language learning more successful, David Lubinitsky went on to say, “iTRAVL devices are not only the perfect companion for anyone traveling for business or pleasure but also the smartest way to make learning another language as easy and effective as possible. A complete system that uses a combination of speech recognition and analysis, native-speaker voice output and the most comprehensive databases for every language pair, it has the added benefit of giving parents peace of mind by providing students who are traveling abroad to school the means to communicate immediately so they can get the help they might need – no matter if they are absolute beginners or already have some language skills. Within minutes anyone can begin communicating in another language accurately and understandably.”


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