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Audio PhraseBook

A 14,000 entry phrasebook of the most necessary expressions that takes the guesswork out of international communication.

Assistance. Divided into 15 intuitively navigated topic areas the remarkable Audio PhraseBook is a handheld communication device that makes it easier than ever to get your message across. All you need to do is find the phrase you want, tap the screen and the device speaks the phrase aloud. Nothing could be simpler!

Confidence. Using professionally-narrated digital recordings of native speakers it does the talking for you. With topics covering just about every situation you are likely to encounter you will be sure to find exactly the phrase you need quickly and easily. And you can be sure to be understood the first time!

Accuracy. Now you never need to worry about getting it wrong again. Built in speech recognition lets you compare your pronunciation against a native-speaker's letting you improve your accent and build confidence. Speaking a second language has never been easier or more trouble free!