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The ECTACO Corporation is a leading, world-known developer of electronic handheld dictionaries and software. Every company, employee, vendor, distributor, developer etc. is responsible for the proper use of the ECTACO trademarks and logos. The following outlines the ways for citing ECTACO Inc. in the United States and worldwide.

ECTACO Trademarks

Listed below are the most recent ECTACO trademarks. The absence of a name or logo in these lists does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that the ECTACO Corporation has established in any of its product, feature, or service names or logos.

Language Teacher®
Universal Translator™

Any other unlisted trademarks are registered in the United States and/or other countries. All unregistered trademarks are the sole property of ECTACO Inc.

Trademark Rules:

1. The ECTACO trademarks should always be used as adjectives followed by appropriate nouns. Do not use the trademarks as verbs or nouns. Do not hyphenate the trademarks.

  • Do Not: Use your Partner® to organize your data
  • Do: Use your ECTACO Partner® handheld to organize your data.
2. Always correctly spell the trademarks and logos with the appropriate trademark symbols in superscript.
  • Do Not: Put your Universal Translator in your pocket.
  • Do: Put your ECTACO Universal Translator ™ in your pocket.
3. When mentioning the ECTACO logo, trademark or trade dress, always use it in the right context.

4. Never use the ECTACO trademark as possessive.

  • Do Not: Describe ECTACO's dictionary features.
  • Do: Describe the features of the ECTACO dictionary.
5. Never make the trademark plural.
  • Do Not: ECTACOS features have just been updated.
  • Do: The features of ECTACO handhelds have just been updated.
6. Never hyphenate the trademarks.

7. Do not shorten/abbreviate any ECTACO Trademarks

  • Do Not: The Partner UT and the Universal Translator 103 are very popular.
  • Do: The ECTACO Partner® UT-203 and the ECTACO Universal Translator™ UT-103 are very popular.

Third parties should never use "ECTACO" as part of their company, product or service name without approval from the ECTACO legal department. ECTACO will not promote companies that do so. In order to recognize that ECTACO claims certain rights in its trademarks, please use ® to indicate registered trademarks and ™ to indicate unregistered trademarks. These notice symbols should be superscripted after the mentioning of ECTACO products and word marks and should be subscripted after the use of the ECTACO logo. The trademark notice symbols should only be used as trademarks to identify a product offered for sale.

  • For instance: "The ECTACO Universal Translator™ UT-103 features the unique speech recognition system."
ECTACO logos should be reproduced exactly as shown. The ECTACO corporate logo should be used only by ECTACO, Inc and its authorized developers, distributors, vendors etc. ECTACO logos should never be inserted into texts or headlines.

Any third-party trademarks appearing on ECTACO website are the sole property of their respective owners. Please note, that the totality of third-party trademarks appearing on ECTACO websites may not be limited to the indicative list below:
  • Lingo
  • Besta
  • Goldic
  • Franklin
  • Promt
  • IdiomaX
  • PowerWord
  • Millennium Computers SRL
  • LLL Solutions
  • Auralog
  • Tong-Yi
  • Aramedia Software
  • Babylon Software
Please consult the respective trademark owners for guidelines on the proper use of their registered and unregistered trademarks.