iTRAVL devices are available in a wide range of language combinations from bi-lingual to multilingual containing nearly 20 languages in a single device. Offering unsurpassed instant translation between some of the world's most popular languages, iTRAVL uses a remarkable combination of sophisticated speech recognition, native speaker voice output and travel utilities. Featuring an exhaustive speech enabled translating Dictionary, a talking PhraseBook, and the most sophisticated speech recognition modules ever invented, a touch-screen interface that puts Windows CE powered convenience at your fingertips is designed to take you anywhere you want to go and help you understand and be understood when you get there. In addition they include a unique Language Teacher system that acts as your own personal tutor helping you to learn a new language faster and more effectively than any other method.

iTRAVL Classic (NTL)

Itravl Itravl

The true classic. Designed to make any trip you take more enjoyable and worry-free. NTL series devices come complete with the corresponding SD card for the language combination you choose, an AC adapter, a rechargeable battery, headphones and USB cable.

iTRAVL Deluxe

Itravl Itravl

The latest and most functional of all the iTRAVL devices, the Deluxe versions contain everything you will find in all the other series plus include a remarkably useful ECTACO /C-Pen handheld scanner that lets you grab, upload and translate text no matter where you find it. The Deluxe version also comes with the hands free/eye free Car Infotainment System to help you learn new languages while driving. Simply set the device on the dashboard, connect the over-the-head microphone to the iTRAVL and follow the learning curve generated by device. The speech analyzing software processes your speech and grades it, helping you to achieve perfection! The Deluxe series package include the corresponding SD card for the language combination you choose, an ECTACO/C-Pen Scanner, a rechargeable battery, a cradle for PC connection and charging, and the ECTACO /C-Pen connection.

* Cradle is not included in the standart package.
The Deluxe model is only available for the following languages:
Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.