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Language Teacher - a language learning system.

The smartest way to learn a second language ever invented. A complete system combining speech-enabled dictionary, speech-recognition and analysis, language- learning games and an explanatory dictionary. Provides an outstanding language learning experience that is integrated and customizable to let you develop your skills at your own pace.

Convenient. Use it wherever and whenever you have a free moment. Learn a language in the time it takes you to fly from your hometown to your destination. Windows CE functionality provides an integrated environment that helps you to learn everything from the alphabet to individual words, phrases and dialogues. Prepare for everyday conversation at home and abroad!

Effective. The combination of speech recognition and speech analysis lets you improve your pronunciation and remove your accent based on native-speaker models. If the language teacher understands you, so will everyone else. Increase your command of a second language in less time than almost any other method of instruction thanks to its wide range of integrated resources.

Fun. A choice of 4 language-learning games make increasing your vocabulary as much fun as playing a video game. And just as addictive! Customizable and with full statistical data, you decide on the words you need and eliminate the ones you already know as you progress.