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  • ECTACO iTRAVL includes Audio Player, a robust media player that allows you to organize and play your favorite .mp3 and .wav files. Easy to upload via the device's PC connection.
  • The CIA World Factbook provides detailed information on 180 of the world's nations from the most reliable US Government sources. Population, Economy, Politics and Statistics are just some of the sections that will let you prepare for your trip more thoroughly.
  • Included AudioBooks provide informative and entertaining tours of some of Paris' most famous sights. Add more to match your destination.
  • Interactive time-zone maps let you check the time anywhere in the world instantly by simply clicking on a country. No more waking up the folks back home with late-night calls!
  • Be sure to make the most of your busy schedule with the built in calendar and never forget another appointment again.
  • Always come home with the right sized garment. A calculator that converts international shoe and clothing sizes into ones you are already familiar with insures that you get just the right fit.
  • A talking calculator lets you check exchange rates and then have them spoken aloud to better manage your finances.
  • Essential Cultural Notes let you become acquainted with modern Arab-Islamic traditions. A multiple-choice exam helps insure that you get it right when it really counts.


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