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iTRAVL Corrida NTL-2Ch Deluxe

Thank you for this information and for all your previous support. Working my self for Marriott International, from beginning I understood your issue regrading the payment, credit card and identity security, me my self deal with the same procedures every day.

I am really happy that from all the companies I choose Ectaco to buy such a crucial product for my current and future business. You real have shown great support and understanding regarding my situation. You definitely kept your promise and provided great service, which I have expected from your company. I am now sure as well that the product I will receive will be of the same quality and that from all the similar products on the market I choose the best one by far.

Thank you one more time and I will let you know soon I get my parcel.

Mislav Mikasek

ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-2S English <-> Spanish
I have had confirmation from Paypal that you have refunded my money. Today my translator was delivered.
I would just like to say the customer service that I received from You and your company has been fantastic!!!!!!!!!
Thanks again & I would definitely (& already have) recommend your company & its products.

Jackie Evans

I've just received a parcel containing both devices ordered only a week ago! I'm very happy it could have been done so fast and I want to thank you warmly for your professionalism. All is working correctly and I'm satisfied with your products. Looking forward to placing some new order by the Ectaco company, thank you again!


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As I said on the phone to you last week the ntl-2ch units worked very well for us in china, just a few comments you might like to note for further reference in updates of the unit, we mainly used the text translator over there which worked quite well although a lot of the words did not make any sense to them, probably because the Chinese language has so many different meanings for each word, however it was enough for them to basically understand what we were talking about, more updates in this area would be very advantages. Also the there are no instructions on how to use the Chinese keyboard we finally worked it out but I also think it would be advantages to put some instructions in the manual, all the units seem to have a small basic fault, such as when you fully charge the unit sometimes the low battery light comes on and it switches off, once you switch it on and off a few times its ok, this happened on all three units, it's not a big problem I think your technicians should be able to solve it, the last thing was the battery life it's not very long I would estimate one and a half hours of use, using the text translation, is the most you can get out of a unit, less if you're using the phrasebook or language learning, I think if you can rectify these small problems you will have the best communication device in the world.

While I was in china I took the opportunity to look at some local devices there were many to choose from one in particular was quite good, you actually write the letters on the unit with the pointer.

But as I said none of them were as good as yours, hope these comment help you with your further development of this product.

Kind regards
Tony Allen
Melbourne Australia