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Bonjour Paris
October 29, 2008
ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe - Advertorial
The ECTACO iTRAVL Deluxe is the world's most sophisticated and elegant multilingual travel, translation, and language learning handheld ever made. A unique combination of the most advanced solutions for international communication ever invented, iTRAVL is designed to help you succeed anywhere you go. Whether you are at the airport, dealing with foreign partners, or visiting a doctor or restaurant, iTRAVL lets you get more from every trip you take by providing the tools you need for perfect understanding and effective communication.

June 9, 2008
Gear: Ectaco iTravel NTL-9C
Golf travelers planning a trip somewhere more exotic than the British Isles ? say Spain or China ? might want to consider packing the NTL-9C. It?s effectively a personal, go-everywhere translator ? minus the per diem and tips. The base NTL-9C communicates in nine languages ? it can be upgraded to 50 languages ? and can translate 14,000 phrases. Just pick the language in which you want it to speak, ask a question in English and the iTravl will say it in the chosen language. It also contains a dictionary with 1.6 million entries.

Los Angeles Times Magazine
June 1, 2008
Translation needed? Try the Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6
Whether one can imagine a situation in which it might be worth $600 depends on your love of gadgetry. The new Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6 is a "talking dictionary" - a thin hand-held computer with a speaker that can translate eight languages. Its most fun feature is the wand - you run it over any text and see the words repeated on the screen. Press "OK." ?Bien! The translation appears on-screen or via a robotic voice. Twenty-eight more languages are due by Christmas
February 8, 2008
South Bethany police go high-tech
Officers with the South Bethany Police Department are part of one of the few agencies in the state utilizing one of the most advanced technological developments in law enforcement. Say hello ? or ?hola,? or ?bonjour? ? to the ECTACO Speechguard PD-5, a device that?s practically straight off the U.S.S. Enterprise. This multilingual, hand-held police translator is revolutionizing relations between citizens, suspects and law enforcement. Officers can now communicate in a multitude of languages, without losing critical time or patience. Now, all that has changed for South Bethany?s finest. Each squad car is equipped with a Spechguard device to simplify the officers? work. The PD-5 includes everything from basic commands for a routine traffic stop to translations of the Miranda warning.
December 12, 2007
Tell me what you want for christmas
You'll be lost in translation no longer with ECTACO's iTRAVL NTL-13AS Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary. This hand-held device translates from English to 13 languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Hindi and back.

November 13, 2007
Ectaco Garners 2008 Innovations Award from the Consumer Electronics Association
The Ectaco iTRAVL NTL-9C Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary has been selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Personal Electronics product category for the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show.
November 2, 2007
Real-Life Babelfish Translates Instantly Between English and 9 Other Languages
Many readers of Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who have traveled to foreign lands have probably wished they had a babelfish installed in their ears for translating speech into and out of their native tongue instantaneously. Ectaco's Windows CE-powered iTravl NTL-9C is the closest thing to that fictional device I've heard about so far.

Press Release
August 27, 2007
Ectaco Inc. announces new updates and added features for the remarkable 2-way, hands-free iTRAVL translation device just in time for Back to School
The company's latest updates and added features for the iTRAVL, the world's most important new tool for instant foreign language communication, proves once again just how far beyond the competition Ectaco are willing to go when it comes to getting it right.
June 25, 2007
ECTACO Releases a New 2-Way and 9-Language Communication System
Ectaco, Inc. today announced the release of their new 2-way and 9-language communication system iTRAVL NTL-9C -- the first hands free/eyes free speech recognition device with an incredibly comprehensive travel guide for 50 major destinations on 5 continents. Here to make the life of anyone who travels for business or pleasure not only more convenient but also more enjoyable, Ectaco has provided something that anyone who has ever tried to speak in a foreign language will instantly recognize as the ultimate solution to international communication.
April 30, 2007
Ectaco Starts Innovative Line of iTRAVL Traveler's Aids with its English-Russian Handheld
Ectaco, Inc. today announced the release of their new English-Russian iTRAVL NTL-2R device - the first is a line of over 120 different products based on a new handheld platform. Poised to make the life of anyone who travels for business or pleasure much more convenient and enjoyable, Ectaco has provided something that anyone who has ever tried to speak in a foreign language will instantly recognize as the ultimate solution to international communication.

February 24, 2007
ECTACO iTRAVL TL-6 Multilingual Talking Electronic Translator
Great for the international traveler or secret agent in your family. The TL-6 has a voice-driven menu with access to more than 14,000 audio phrases per language pairs?

Forbes Traveler
December 31, 2006
The Latest Luxury Travel Gadgets from CES
Strolling down the Champs-Elysees in a pleasant post-croissant haze, you're suddenly gripped with a strong urge to meet the Mona Lisa face-to-face. You could use your Ectaco iTRAVL TL-6 talking translator to hear the proper phrase for asking directions to the Louvre, but you decide to bring up a map of Paris on its color touch screen and navigate the old-fashioned way.